Know The Condition Of Your Biggest Investment

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Home Inspector in Lubbock, TX

Before agreeing to a price on your new real estate, it only makes sense to have it thoroughly checked by a locally owned and operated Lubbock, TX, home inspector. Access Home Inspections takes pride in high-quality work, and we'll meticulously review every aspect of your proposed property. We'll go over your roof to check for leaks, inspect your foundation for safety, and we'll review your home for energy efficiency.

Prompt Project Completions

We understand that you'd like to finish your deal on a timely basis, and we'll provide you with a comprehensive report without delay. We know that your time is valuable, and we aim to be available when you need us. We've also got the highly trained technicians and resources in place to provide you with punctual service, and we take pride in helping you enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that you're getting a good deal on your purchase.

For your convenience, Access Home Inspections is open Monday - Saturday, 8am - 7pm, and by appointment on Sunday. To make sure that you know all about your property before signing your contract, call a Lubbock, TX, home inspector who will work on your behalf.